What will these changes look like?

Last Updated: September 5, 2021

  • At this moment, it is unclear at what capacity we will be producing new litters. I should have a better idea of what's to come as the weeks progress.

    • This could look like:

      • 1-2 litters at a time, with a small gap between new births​

      • 1-2 litters every few months/whenever possible

      • Closing up shop entirely until my health is in a more stable place.

  • I am no longer able to accommodate an official wait list, and am switching over to a First Come, First Serve system for the time being.

    • Unfortunately, if you were already added to the wait list but have yet to reserve your rat(s), that list has been rendered null.​

    • If you were wait listed and are still interested in adopting from us, please reach out again to check for availabilities when you are ready.

  • I will be posting available rats to my Facebook page for adoption as I have them, with my inbox open if you'd like to reserve someone you see there. I will no longer be posting available babies to our website, although I will still try to list available rescues here.

    • To decrease the number of rats in our mischiefs, I will be listing some of my younger adult rats who were originally held back to be a part of the breeding program, but whose lines are being discontinued.

    • I will also be listing some babies from our last two litters pretty soon; although they may all end up reserved before I get the chance to, so definitely send a message to check!

  • If you are interested in adopting a rat from our Rescue Program but don't see any listed here on our website, please feel free to reach out to us to inquire as I am likely to fall behind on website updates.

  • For the most timely responses, reaching out via Facebook Messenger is the best way to go. If you do not have a Facebook account, reaching out through our website or texting (513) 402-0275 will work, too. We do not accept phone calls at this time.

    • If you send a message and do not receive a response within the week, feel absolutely free to continue sending messages periodically until someone gets back with you.​

    • A lack of response doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of available rats— I just have ADHD and often lose track of my notifications. It is absolutely okay to double/triple/quadruple+ message us! Blow up our inbox as you see fit!

for more info on our current availabilities