About the Breeder

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My name is Remy,

and I run Wolfstep Hollow's Rattery & Rescue

out of my home in Oxford, Ohio.



I had my first mouse when I was six years old, so my obsession with rodents began early on; I was wandering around a pet store when I saw a tiny, scared baby mouse inside with a snake, I and totally lost my mind over it. I made such a big deal about it that my mother convinced those working there that day to sell the mouse to us. I carried him everywhere with me. I went from mice to hamsters and, eventually, to rats. It was with rats that I learned what it felt like to be genuinely passionate about something I love, and with breeding that I learned what it meant to be fulfilled by it.

Feeling frustrated by the options for ethical, reputable rat breeders in our area, I decided to do something about it myself. In addition to breeding healthy pet rats, I'm dedicated to doing my part to keep as many rats as possible in safe, loving homes and out of unfavorable circumstances through my Rescue & Surrender Prevention programs and judgment-free return policy.