About the Breeder

Who am I?

My name is Remy,

and I run Wolfstep & Hollow's Rattery

out of my home in Northside, Cincinnati. Rats are my entire life.



I had my first mouse when I was six years old, so my obsession with rodents started pretty early on. I can still remember the day I was wandering around a pet store with my mom when I saw a tiny, scared baby mouse inside with a snake, and totally lost my mind over it. I made such a big deal about it that my mom convinced the fellow working there that day to sell the mouse to us. After I took him home, I carried him everywhere with me. I went from mice to hamsters and, eventually, to rats. It was with rats that I learned what it felt like to be genuinely passionate about something.

After a few years of keeping rats as pets, I began to feel frustrated by the shortage of ethical, reputable rat breeders in my area.

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