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Sorry, there are no males or females available at this time.

Check back soon!

Feel free to message us directly for more timely updates.

 Now accepting reservations for litters expected to arrive late-February!

(for end of March pick up)

Due to COVID-19, there has been a small delay between litters.

We really appreciate your willingness to stick it out with us while you await your new companions!

We'll be welcoming four new litters into our world mid-late February.

There are two new dams and two new sires that have yet to be announced. If you are interested in finding out what we're expecting from our June litters, feel free to reach out for more info on the parents and their temperaments!

Upcoming litters are expected to yield the following genes:

  • Dumbo & Top Eared

  • Standard Coat, Rex, Velveteen, & Harley

  • Marten & Black-Eyed

  • Silvermane

  • Dalmatian

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