Rescues Available!

Wolfstep Hollow is working with a couple other rescues in the area as well as some wildlife rehabilitators to resolve a situation wherein too many rats have been accumulated by one owner who needs help downsizing.

We took in 5 of their pregnant mommas, all of which have given birth to healthy little beans! All of these babies will be raised and socialized by us using the same rearing protocol we use to raise rats born through the breeding program.

Babies become available to adopt through our rescue program between October 5th-October 12th (litter/age/milestones met depending), but you are free to reach out to reserve babies before then and receive updates as they grow! We will have standard coat, rex, and hairless babies. Black and red eyes. All top-eared.

If you are looking to rescue sooner, there are still several adult rats available to adopt for FREE from their current owner, that we would be happy to help transport to new forever homes. Be on the lookout for photos of available male and female adults sometime this week!

If you are hoping to bring home babies sooner than ours are available, three other mommas and their slightly older litters were taken in by a local wildlife rehabilitator we know & trust— they will become available to take home in about 3 weeks, and I can put you in touch with their caregiver.

Check out our Facebook page for photos and more timely updates!