The Ladies


Silvermane, Dumbo, Harley

Vega is a playful, human-loving goofball. She's chill & handleable, but never turns down a game of tickle fighting!

She's soon to be paired up with Elvis, and we can't wait to see how their first litter turns out!

Ethel & Arrow

Standard Coat, Top Eared

*dumbo carrier

Arrow & Ethel are sisters who are going to be paired for their first litters next month! Ethel is curious and brave, and Arrow is adventurous and very, very sweet.

Ethel will be paired with Prozac

Arrow will be paired with Moonworm


Standard Coat, Silvermane, Top Eared

*dumbo carrier

Moose is super chill and super friendly. She loves every and any new rat she meets. She's really laid back and obsessed with Cheerios!

Moose is on a break from motherhood for the time being. She's worked so hard raising her litters thus far, she deserves some time to take it easy & just be a rat :-)


Clever, brave adventurer

Aster was bred for her human-oriented nature, confidence, and love of adventure. She's just recently retired after her March litter, and lives happily here with her four sisters.

Two of Aster's daughters are soon to become our next active dams! I'm excited for her legacy continue onto future generations.

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