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Wolfstep Hollow's Rescue Program

Sometimes, Wolfstep Hollow  takes in rats from unfortunate or unfavorable circumstances to rehabilitate and rehome to compatible, lifelong caretakers with our husbandry standards in mind.

We're dedicated to doing our part in minimizing the number of pet rats in rescues as well as spreading awareness & education on what it takes to provide these intelligent, lovable creatures with homes they can thrive in.

In addition to our rattie rehabilitation program, we also vow to welcome back any rat adopted from Wolfstep Hollow  with open arms, for any reason. This goes for rats adopted from both our breeding or rescue programs.

Wolfstep Hollow's Rescue Program is funded entirely at our own expense. The facility to keep doing what we do here relies heavily on the donations we receive from people like you.

If you are interested in donating to Wolfstep  Hollow in support of helping our community's displaced pet rats get their second chance at a happy, healthy, and enriching forever home and would like to learn more about donation methods, or to browse our official Amazon Wishlist, please click below!

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If you or someone you know is in possession of rats in need of rescue or re-homing, please click through to fill out our Rescue Rat Application Form