Have a rat in need of rescue?

We are currently over-capacity

Please feel free to submit a Surrender Application regardless, and we'll let you know if there is an unexpected opening.

and unable to accept new surrenders at this time.

Please fill out the application on this page to help us determine if our program is a good fit for your rat, and we'll get back with you as soon as we can regarding our current intake capacities.

If you need to re-home your rat(s) and would like to do so with the assurance that they'll end up in a loving, enriching home that best suits their individual needs, we've got your back.

Through Wolfstep Hollow's Rescue Program, we take in all kinds of rats from a variety of different backgrounds, including (but not limited to), lone rats, retired breeders, timid & skittish rats, and feeder bin rescues.


  • Bonded pairs & groups are never separated for any reason.

  • Timid & skittish rats are further socialized, at their own pace, using positive reinforcement training to increase chances of placement.

  • No rat is housed solo following their 14-day intake quarantine unless necessary for reasons pertaining to health or aggression.

  • Each rat will be placed in compatible homes with vetted caregivers.

  • All rats under our care live pet quality lives in enrichment-packed enclosures, with high quality food and treats, and daily access to free roaming sessions.

For further questions regarding Wolfstep Hollow's Rescue Program, please don't hesitate to

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