The Lads


Black Silvermane, Dumbo, Velveteen

*Harley carrier

Elvis is bold and personable— he truly lives up to his name. He loves to tussle with his brothers and groom them whether they like it or not! His handleability is at 100%.

Soon to be paired with Vega


Darkphase Pearl Silvermane, Top Eared

*dumbo carrier

More on Moonworm coming soon!


Rex, Marten

Prozac is a sweet, smart, and snuggly boy.

He warms my heart up every single day. This big fella is a momma’s boy for certain; a goodie two-shoes; super chill, but also playful. In his litters thus far, we have seen his tenderness and easy-going, gently confident nature reflect strongly in his offspring. Prozac is an affectionate and loyal rat; he loves his humans, and it has been a pleasure to see his progeny follow suit with their eagerness to form deep, lasting bonds with their caretakers. We couldn't be happier with what Prozac has brought to his line, and we're so excited to witness the ways his virtue will continue to show through in generations to come.

Standing rat



Brother to Prozac, Paxil is a big, silly boy. He is by far the most playful rat I’ve ever had the pleasure to care for, and that’s something I’m really hoping to see in his litters. He loves mischief, head scritches, and tickle fights.

Announcement on an exciting

new sire coming soon!

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